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Check to see if you qualify for a subsidy.



Important: Idaho is a state that did not expand Medicaid.

That means:

  • If you don’t make more than a minimum amount, you may not qualify for a tax subsidy
  • You will not be eligible for Medicaid and will need to pay the full premium of your plan
  • You can also  look for plans outside of the Exchange as there may be more affordable choices for you



Learn more about Special Election Periods


You might qualify for a Special Enrollment Period and even a government subsidy. Learn more about how you can qualify to enroll in new coverage and government assistance through health insurance subsidies. Health insurance Idaho can be complicated, but this guide will help you find the right plan.




FAQ and Examples


  • The differences between an HMO and PPO
  • What is a copay?
  • What are deductibles?
  • What is coinsurance and your coinsurance maximum
  • How to save tons of money by staying “In-Network”

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