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Your Health Idaho is the is an independently run health insurance exchange for individuals, families and small businesses. Your Health Idaho, allows consumers to shop and compare Idaho health insurance plans. Your Health Idaho is where residents of Idaho must go if they wish to exercise their right to premium tax credits to assist in payment of their health insurance plans if they qualify.


Premium tax credits are future tax credits that can be applied in advance to a health insurance plan to help reduce the current months cost also called premium. Your Health Idaho allows consumers to shop through what are known as “Consumer Connectors” which include agents, brokers and Enrollment Counselors. Agents associated with are a type of Consumer Connectors and will assist applicants with finding plans either on or off of Your Health Idaho.

It should be noted that not all Idahoans will be eligible for a premium tax credit. Since Idaho did not choose to expand Medicaid. Medicaid is A state-administered health insurance program for low-income families and children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities, and in some states, other adults. The federal government provides a portion of the funding for Medicaid and sets guidelines for the program. States also have choices in how they design their program. Idaho’s Medicaid program is operated by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Since this site focuses on providing insurance to college students in Idaho, we make special note of the significance of this to students. If a single person earns less than $11,670 per year, which is many of the students in Idaho, these individuals will not qualify for a premium tax subsidy. And since Idaho did not expand Medicaid, there is no additional support for these people.

With recent developments in the higher education space in Idaho such as the cancellation of student health insurance plans at Boise State, Idaho State and Lewis-Clark State College, we anticipate higher than usual volumes of new young individuals to need coverage. With the lack of fiscal support from the ACA, we also foresee many students electing Catastrophic and Bronze level plans. This can have some unexpected repercussions as these plans, while cheaper, also have much higher deductibles and less rich benefits.

It is highly recommended that students who are losing coverage consult with one of our Your Health Idaho certified agents so that they can be supported during this important decision.


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